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Clients seen at the Coverley Medical Centre experience the unique experience of receiving results from radiological investigations at the time of the consultation. You will therefore receive appropriate management of complaints in shorter time periods. Radiological Investigations are conducted by Diagnostic Radiology Services.

Diagnostic Radiology Services is one of the oldest diagnostic imaging clinics in Barbados. Its four locations at Beckles Road, Coverley, Sandy Crest Medical Centre and Warrens Healthcare Complex maintain ultra-modern technology for radiological examinations. The professional staff of radiologists and technologists is committed to providing quality care in an environment that respects your needs. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Coverley Medical Centre: Conventional X-ray, Ultrasound
  • Sandy Crest: CT Scan, Digital Radiography, Ultrasound

Contact Diagnostic Radiology Services 432-7099 for more details on their full range of imaging services and additional locations.